Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lunch box ideas

I have been packing lunches a lot more lately and I want to speed up the process and reduce the unnecessary waste.  I have been using WAY too many sandwich bags and plastic water bottles to try to make everything fit.  These lunch-packing tips have been recommended from friends who pack lunches often:

1. Choose a lunch box that is large enough to hold a substantial lunch.  I love our new Thirty-One Large Thermal Totes.  The small ones may have been large enough, but more room is always nice.

2. Use a drink bottle that does not leak.  You can send your kids with water, milk, lemonade, juice, etc. without having to purchase individual boxes/bottles every week.
  • For younger kids, I recommend the Nalgene Grip 'n Gulp.  It holds 12 oz liquid and is now available at Target.  We had one for almost 3 years and only purchased a new one because we misplaced it.
  • Older kids may prefer this version, the Nalgene Mini Grip.
  • For adults, I recommend the Camelbak Better 0.75L Bottle.  I have been using this water bottle for years, but I will admit, after a year or so I do have to replace it because it starts to leak.  But since I use it everyday, it's worth the investment.   Target also carries these now.

(Be sure to label the bottle with an InchBug Orbit Label or make your own sticker label using a label maker like these.)

3. Purchase containers or a lunch box system that allows you to pack without using multiple plastic bags and dozens of small containers.  I like the Easy Lunch Box system.  There are 3 compartments.  I will use the large one for protein (sandwich, roll-ups or just meat and cheese), another one for fruit and/or veggies and the smaller one for a salty treat or dessert.  When the kids and hubby get home, I will simply load it in the dishwasher for the next packed lunch.  (This lunch box system was highly recommended by my friend, mom of four and author of the blog,  Please visit her blog if you like this tip!)

Click below to see a EasyLunchBoxes webisode featuring "Greg" from the Brady Bunch:

What tips do you have regarding lunch box packing?


  1. Sara,

    I stumbled across your great blog when I was looking for ways to pack my kids Easy Lunch Box containers. I want to get my girls cuter lunch boxes than the ones that are offered on the Easy Lunch Box site, and I have been browsing Google for ideas.

    I have a question. Did you use the 31 thermal tote with the Easy Lunch Box containers? Could you lay the containers flat or did you stand them on edge? I love the options that 31 offers, but I was wondering how they would work with the Easy Lunch Box containers before I took the plunge.

    TIA! Wendy

    1. Yes, Wendy, the Easy Lunch Box containers fit perfectly in the Thirty-One bags and yes, they will lie flat. If they didn't, I would have been really unhappy because I bought the containers after I bought the lunch boxes. :)