Friday, October 1, 2010

Another Use for Hand Sanitizer

A friend shared this cleaning tip with me recently -use hand sanitizer to clean just about anything. I'm starting to think that is true!
  • My son skinned his knee pretty badly and got blood on my yellow purse. Hand sanitizer got it all out instantly.
  • My touch screen phone gets yucky from makeup and my kids' dirty fingers. Hand sanitizer makes it like new again.
  • We use dry erase markers to write on the windows for school. Sometimes the kids miss and color the painted window sills. :( Hand sanitizer cleaned it right off.

Unfortunately most hand sanitizers are just anti-bac, not anti-viral so it doesn't protect us against viruses like the stomach virus, or even the common cold. I prefer my kids to actually wash hands (unless we're out somewhere and have gross hands and cannot wash) BUT I will be adding hand sanitizer to my cleaning arsenal!

Please comment if you have a tried-and-true hand sanitizer cleaning solution!