Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dip Containers

We love using dips.  Whether it is a fiesta ranch ip for veggies, a toffee dip for apples or Chocolate Covered Katie's healthy Cookie Dough Dip with graham crackers, we're always dunking and dipping in this house.  It's just more fun, right?

So when I pack a lunch for the kids, I want to send them a fun dip as a treat.  The dilemma is that finding a dip container that is small enough to fit in their lunch box and one that won't pop open, making a huge mess.  

One afternoon I was on the phone with a friend and we were brainstorming about what containers we could use.  This is the idea we came up with.  I'll give you a hint, it's the same size as these disposable souffle containers for sauce or dressing, but it's reusable, colorful, inexpensive and you probably already have one in your kids' toy box:

Miniature play-doh containers!

Simply remove the label, run it through the dishwasher and you have a colorful petite-sized dip container.  It will not pop open, it will fit in the Easy Lunchbox system and my kids tell me it's a great conversation starter with their friends.

Save the actual play-doh for a kit like this one and if you have any containers left over, they also make great on-the-go homemade diaper rash ointment containers.

These are some photos I snapped last week as I was packing lunches.

My daughter's pretzels with spicy mustard for dipping:

My son's pretzels and spicy mustard:

Fiesta ranch greek yogurt my daughter affectionately calls "Dorito Dip-Dip":

"Dorito Dip Dip" covered with carrots:

P.S. My 6-year old asked me to please label it so her friends didn't think she was actually eating play-doh for lunch.  :)