Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Egg gone bad?

A friend of mine called the other day and asked how to know if an egg is not okay to eat anymore. We had both heard different things about expiration dates on the egg packages so I found this tip on ehow.com .

Basically you float an egg in water in a bowl and look to see if it stays on its side or floats to the top. This site states that a fresh egg will stay on its side at the bottom of the bowl. But if it floats...well toss it! Somewhere in between - it's up to you.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Maximize Volume With Your Breastpump

Okay, so if you have male anatomy, this post is not for you.

Men, stop reading now. This is one of those areas where ignorance is bliss.

When I was breastfeeding I had the lactation consultant's number on speed dial! I rarely pumped so it really did not matter what setting I had it on...until I went away for several days. So, I thought I'd post this for all of you who may be using the Medela Pump In Style Original breast pump. Because the numbers do matter!

To maximize volume start with the the Primer Rate. (Turn the dial to 4/5.) Once you've let down, reduce it to 1/2/3 (set the suction on the place that feels most like your child feeding).

I hope this helps!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dust With Dryer Sheets

What should you do with your dryer sheets after they've been used? Before tossing them, use them to wipe down your dustiest furniture. It works like furniture polish, leaving a temporary barrier that prevents dust from sticking to the wood, allowing YOU to dust less often. And it smells good, to boot.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Wet 2 Straight

One of my curly-headed friends told me about one of my favorite hair tools of all times. I have naturally wavy hair...and lots of it, at that. When I used to straighten it I would spend 30-45 minutes drying it then another 30 minutes straightening it with a flat iron.

My new time saver? The flat iron that DRIES your hair, too. My hair also ends up much straighter and I can watch a TV show (in the mirror) or talk on the phone (on speaker) while I work. You know YOU like to multi-task, too. And my hairdresser said my hair seems healthier than it did before.

I purchased the Remington Wet2Straight last year for about $25 at Wal-mart. Best $25 I've spent in a while!