Thursday, November 19, 2009

Deceptively Delicious and Organized, Too

I am a huge fan of the book, Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. The premise is that you hide vegetable purees in food you already make, to increase your kids (and hubby's) veggie intake. I figured out from her cookbook what purees work with what flavors and I am now puree-happy.

The difficult thing for me was figuring out the best way to organize all the purees in the freezer. I had been lining tea cups with quart sized bags and then dumping 1/2 cup puree in each. I then sealed and marked each bag, laying it flat in the freezer so they could stack easily. Sounds reasonable, right?


I had an "AHA!" moment the other day. Why not use ice cube trays? Two of my "ice" cubes equals 1/4 cup. Perfect. Now I can adjust the amounts of puree easier!

So I just smear a veggie in the tray, stack and freeze. Once frozen, I place them in freezer safe containers and mark them. See?

Disclaimer: Photo is blurry because I was feeling lazy and snapped it with my phone.

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