Saturday, August 21, 2010

Morning Board Time

This tip will only apply to a portion of BeenThereLearnedThat readers. The idea has so greatly benefited our family, I really wanted to share it.

Thanks to some of the ideas on the blog 1+1+1=1, we are starting a Morning Board time in our home. We are pinning several things on an old cork board in our school room.

My 2-year old chooses the Color of the Day and then uses a dry-erase marker to draw on the window in that color.

My 5-year old writes the date onto a Wipe-Off Calendar then my 7-year old writes in the full date on the Today Is template. This also has a place to tally our Days of School and I've created a Lesson Number template, too.

We choose our "What's the Weather today?" card and discuss the current temperature and the High/Low for the day. (I really need to get a thermometer for outside.)

We recite the Pledge of Allegiance (with a YAY! from my 2-year old at the end). A small flag and the words are posted on our Morning Board. (The printout I'm using is from the Adventures in My Father's World curriculum.)

We also have our Bible Memory Verse for the week up there. I'm hoping my 2-year old will learn those with us, too!

Morning Board time is now one our favorite times of the day! If you have any other ideas for Morning Board time, please do share!

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