Thursday, February 25, 2010

Smell Like Garlic

I saw on an episode of the Dr. Oz show that if you have an ear infection and stick a clove of garlic in your ear overnight (covered with a band-aid to keep it in) then your infection will go away. He said it was not a myth, but actually true. Who knew?

I am assuming you'll smell like a salami the next day, but it beats 10 days on an antiobiotic!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sandwich makeover

I learned of this tip from a segment on the Rachael Ray show.  If you want to spice up a sandwich, roll it up! 

Here are the steps to create your own Sandwich Roll-Ups:

Remove the crust, creating two squares.

Flatten the breadout with a rolling pin.

Squish the two pieces together, creating a seam in the center of a long rectangle.

Next, add the sandwich yummies. In this case I was making a turkey and swiss sandwich. Only fill half the sandwich.

On mine, I added a little spicy mustard. My kids have theirs plain, though.

Roll it up and then cut it into four pieces, cutting at an angle to make it pretty.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kitchen Burn

I am quite clumsy. And a little flighty at times. And sometimes I touch things that should only be handled with an oven mitt.

I've tried everything under the sun. The best advice I've read (and tried) is to place your burned skin under COOL running water until the pain subsides. Do NOT ice it. Do NOT run super cold or warm water over it. Do NOT immediately put an ointment on it. The skin is very fragile after a burn simply running cool water over it transfers the heat out of the finger without making the burn worse.

And this is a tip learned the hard way. Many times over.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meat Savings

One of my new favorite ways to stretch the grocery budget is to use frozen ground turkey and frozen ground turkey sausage. I've found it is less expensive than ground beef and pork, and also less than the fresh ground turkey in the meat case. I now substitute it in everything. Most of the time my family cannot even tell the difference.

In our market, Publix sells the Louis Rich brand. Our Wal-mart sells the Jennie-O brand. They come packaged in 1-pound rolls, which is also great because I don't waste money on meat I don't need. And it is usually only $1.50/lb, a savings of about $2-$3 per pound.

I've discovered the turkey "rolls" hidden in obscure places. You may have to ask a grocery employee for help locating them.