Thursday, October 1, 2009

Save Your Brown Sugar

We all have the same issue with brown sugar. If you leave it in the container you purchased it in you end up with brown sugar that is solid as a rock when you're ready to use it. There are several ways to avoid this calamity.

Airtight Container: I store my flour and sugar in the Lock and Lock 8-cup plastic airtight storage container. Any truly airtight container will keep moisture out and will keep your brown sugar soft for a really long time.

A Terracotta Disk: If you use a container that may not be airtight you can purchase a Brown Sugar Saver. Apparently, it is just a piece of terracotta. (Some even claim you can break off a piece of a terracotta pot and use that, instead.) If it's good enough for Giada DeLaurentis, it's good enough!

A Slice of Loaf Bread: I have been told that you can also use a piece of white loaf bread in your container. The bread absorbs the moisture and will not mold, but instead get hardened and stale. I just read that this works to bring your brown sugar back to life if it's already hard. (Just leave bread in the container for 24 hours.)

An Apple Slice: You can supposedly place an apple slice in with the brown sugar, too. I assume it will get hard and shrivel up?

So if you have tried any of these and think one works better than another, please comment!