Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dish Wand in the Shower

This tip is what got me back to this space to write again.

Side note - I'm sorry if you've missed the blog, we've been living life around here and I'm trying to keep my priorities in order.  And some days when I've had free time, Pinterest won. :)

Speaking of Pinterest, and the reason I'm writing here, you really need to try this tip.  I'm in love with the idea.  If you hate cleaning bathrooms as much as I do, and like saving money, you'll love this idea, too.

It's simple, combine equal parts blue Dawn with white vinegar in a dish wand, and store it in your shower (sponge side up).  Next time you have shower time, scrub the walls, floors doors, and even the shower curtain.  It works really well because the vinegar has antimicrobial properties, the Dawn cuts through the scum, and the scrubbing sponge does the hard work for you.

I've been using this for almost a year, but had to wait for high humidity days to really test it out.  It has passed the test in my home!  I hope it blesses you, too.

I'd like to thank the author of Joyful Homemaking for this original idea. You go girl!

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