Saturday, February 19, 2011

Veggies on the Go

This tip for packing veggies and dip to-go is from a Rachael Ray show episode where she gave ideas for packing food for air travel.

First, find a small container, cut your veggies the height of the container then pack them with a little dip already in the bottom!  Kids love to dip and it will make eating their raw veggies so much more fun!  

You can try this with anything that can be stick sized, cucumbers, celery, carrots, red, yellow or green bell peppers.

I'm going to attempt this week to fill up a medicine cup with carrots and this greek yogurt dip at the bottom.  I'll use Glad Press and Seal to keep it from spilling in my new Easy Lunch Box bento-style containers.  (Which are fabulous, by the way.)  

Photo courtesy of Flickr, tlillis4

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  1. So the medicine cup was WAY too small for veggies and when I put some glad press and seal over a medicine cup with just dip in it, my 8-year old could not get the press and seal back on. Still looking for an idea for sauce/dip in my favorite new lunch containers.