Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Go Grapes Over This One

The produce associate at my local supermarket told me that you do NOT need to buy an entire prepackaged bag of grapes. The bag is a suggested amount but because they are sold by the pound you may open them, pull out the best ones and then bag them yourself. I usually pull out a "vine", give it a good shake to lose the squishy ones and go on my way. Saves money and you get the grapes you want. Just the right amount.


  1. would this be true for bananas as well? i guess so but, would love to hear from an expert!

  2. Yes. Also true for bananas. Although, I'm no produce expert, I have done it right in front of the experts, and they don't blink an eye. I try to get a few really green ones, some that are a little green and others that are ready to eat the next day. Only possible for me at Publix, though. Wal-mart's always seem to be more ripe.