Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yogurt Smoothie

My little fella has a double ear infection and a pretty nasty sinus infection so they put him on a strong antibiotic. I was encouraged to give him probiotic yogurt with each dosing. In the past I find that I forget to give it to him or he's not hungry for it.

My mom-in-law came up with the best idea. She said to just mix it with his normal morning and evening cups of milk to make a smoothie. So I tried it. Dumped the yogurt in my son's sippy cup, filled it to the top with milk then shake-shake-shake and voila - a smoothie! He gobbled it up. Saved me from needing to spoon feed it to him. I couldn't believe it went through the valve. My mom-in-law is brilliant! Thanks, Mimi!

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