Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Card "Books"

I love pictures.  And I hate throwing them away.  I was so excited when I saw this idea on Pinterest.  It's a great way to display and enjoy all those fun Christmas cards throughout the years, once the card display comes down.

The detailed instructions on making these books (and the original idea) is from Close 2 My Art.

You'll need a 3-hole punch and can adjust it to make 2 holes in all the cards.  I used my old daytimer one because the holes were adjusted to the right size.

You'll also need some inexpensive book rings to bind them together.  I made books from the last four years  in less than 20 minutes.

I plan to pull these books out every year for Christmas and display them on our coffee table.  My kids love flipping through them.  And the "book cover" is always new, because they're always flipping through and leaving the last photo on top.

Yay, for not throwing photos away!



  1. I also saw this somewhere with the idea to flip a card each day and pray for that family. Love it!

  2. I love that idea the best! Thanks, Kathy!