Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Closet Makeover

This is the time of year we're all changing out clothes for the season.  Take the opportunity this year to give your wardrobe a complete makeover!  

I had a professional come and help me with this and wanted to share some tips learned from the experience.

First, take everything out of your closet and/or drawers and sort it in three basic piles:

Like It
Love It
Needs To Go

Next invite a girlfriend over (one that will tell you the honest truth) and starting with the Like It pile, go through each clothing item and explain why you don't love it.  If she agrees, donate it to someone who will.

Move on to the Needs To Go pile and see if you both agree about what needs to go.  You may be surprised at what she likes and/or what combinations she may come up with.

Finally, review your Love It pile with her.  If she agrees you should keep everything, you'll be happier with your Love It clothes.  Make a list of small items you may need to fill in gaps from those things you don't.

And finally take the piles of clothes you don't wear, anyway, and pay it forward.  Donate the clothes to whomever you think it will be blessed by them.  It feels so great to make room in your closet for the clothes you actually feel good in!

Lastly, if you live near Kelley Smith, don't wait another minute.  Schedule an appointment with her right away.  I'm telling you, she is fabulous!  And if you book with her in the month of May she is donating half of the proceeds to our friends the Espinosas and their Allendale Mission.

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  1. I just cleaned my closet out last weekend! :)

  2. Stephen wants to go through his this weekend. :)