Monday, November 8, 2010

Right Sized Cones?

This tip may save you money, calories and possibly a sugar-meltdown later. I purchased a box of kids' cones for a birthday party once, and was embarrassed when I realized just how T-I-N-Y they were! I felt that way...until I realized all the moms in the room were super happy because their kids weren't going home on a jacked-up-sugar-high.

So these mini cones are now a staple at our house. The cones themselves are not made with wholesome ingredients, but they are so tiny, it seems insignificant. I can use a melon-baller to scoop the ice cream into them and my kids are flipped over having an ice cream cone. Even if they ate 4, it wouldn't compare to what would go into one full sundae cup. (Although we still use those for special ice cream nights.)

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  1. I bought these after we spoke... they've been a hit! Kelley Haff