Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Movie Rentals

I'm not sure how you rent movies but I've never been a bigger fan of the $1 kiosk than I am now!

First, go to http://www.redbox.com/ and find the closest Red Box kiosk to your home. You can then see which titles are available at each redbox location.

(If you want to research each title, you can try one of our other favorite sites: http://www.pluggedin.com/)

Next, reserve the title you want and then pay with a debit/credit card. When you go to pickup the movie you want you just swipe your card and voila, you have an inexpensive movie rental without the hassle!

How great is that?

Thanks, Brandon, for this tip!

1 comment:

  1. Blockbuster now has these same type kiosks at PUBLIX. There's one at Thornblade, and one on Wade Hampton, as well as one in Wal-Mart, too, I believe. These are all close to our neighborhood.