Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Storing Bed Linens

A few years ago, on Mission Organization I saw one of my favorite tips of all times. When you are putting your sheets away in a linen closet or in a drawer, why not store all of the pieces together so you can quickly grab what you need to make a bed?

The following method was suggested:

1. Neatly fold the fitted sheet.  (A great tutorial on folding fitted sheets can be found on stephmodo.com)

2. Fold the flat sheet the same size and place on top.

3. Top with one of the pillow cases.
4. Stuff all of this inside the other pillow case.

5. Gather the "slack" on one of the long sides and fold/tuck under.

6. Fold the short-sided end back.

7. Flip over and store with the smooth end showing.

It looks so much prettier in the closet and keeps everything you need to make the bed in one place. I even store my child's "puddle pad" inside the sheet set.

Photo and instructions also found on marthastewart.com
Here's to no more pillowcases hitting me over the head!

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